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Aashirvaad’s ‘Sach Much Organic’?

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What Is Aashirwad'S Sach Much Organic- 100% Organic Farming

100% Organic Farming

Employing natural and sustainable techniques such as using vermicompost as natural manure, neem extract as a pesticide, and implementing crop rotation to improve soil quality
What Is Aashirwad'S Sach Much Organic- Rigorous 3-Step Cleaning Process

Rigorous 3-Step Cleaning Process

To ensure the highest standards of hygiene and safety in every pack that reaches you.
What Is Aashirwad'S Sach Much Organic- 217 Tests For Pesticide-Free Produce

217 Tests for Pesticide-Free Produce

With rigorous quality control measures in place, we guarantee that every product you choose is free from adulteration and any harmful pesticides.



At Aashirvaad Organic, we’re dedicated to fostering trust through transparency. So, we invited your favourite creators to accompany us on a remarkable journey to our organic farms nestled in the heart of Indore, Madhya Pradesh.

Our story commences with the very earth beneath your feet, as our influencers immersed themselves in our lush organic farmlands. They not only observed but actively engaged with our community of dedicated farmers to gain first-hand insight into our many sustainable practices the ingenious use of neem extract as a natural pesticide. Not just observers, they even got their hands on a few squiggly earthworms from our vermicompost, bearing witness to how these little champions naturally enrich our soil.

The next leg of their journey led them to our state-of-the-art factory in Kapurthala, the very heart of our organic craftsmanship. Certified by both the US and Indian organisations, here, they gained insights into our meticulous three-step cleaning process and marvelled at the traditional Chakki grinding method, a time-honoured practice that preserves the innate goodness of our grains. This entire automated process operates with zero human intervention, guaranteeing absolute purity with no room for adulteration.

But our commitment to purity doesn’t stop there. Every batch undergoes rigorous testing to ensure unwavering quality, and our products are carefully stored in a temperature-controlled environment until they reach your table.

This journey wasn’t just about observing; it was about experiencing the trust, authenticity, and care that defines Aashirvaad organic.

Curious to experience this journey yourself? Just scan the QR Code behind your packet to trace its origin and learn more about your Sach Much Organic Products.

Farm To pack Process

We think you deserve to know where your food comes from.

Each of our packages comes with a QR code that helps you trace your product’s origin back to the farm and the dedicated farmer who nurtured it. Is your pack Sach Much Organic? Scan and Find out today.

scan the QR code on the package to find out which farm their atta has come from!

Aashirvaad Organic- Farm To Pack Process


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What Is Organic?

What Is Aashirwad'S Sach Much Organic- What Is Organic Icon What Is Aashirwad'S Sach Much Organic- What Is Organic Icon What Is Aashirwad'S Sach Much Organic- What Is Organic Icon

What Is Organic?

In recent years, the term “organic” has sparked both curiosity and suspicion among consumers. Despite numerous brands claiming to sell “organic food,” consumers have struggled to trust their authenticity – and rightly so.

At Aashirvaad Organic, we recognize this challenge and endeavour to bridge the gap. We embarked on a journey to help you understand what this term truly means, how we cultivate and produce our products and provide transparency to our claim of being sach much organic – so that you can be confident in your food choices.